Become a Frontend Web Development Guru



Learn everything you need to know about Frontend Web Development with lots of detailed examples. This online course serves as the ultimate guide in creating a fully-loaded website from scratch.


Web Development is something which almost everybody out there is talking about. This is your chance to understand what the hype is all about and join the elite developer community. This comprehensive Frontend Web Development online course covers HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap, basically everything that is required to kick-start your journey as a Frontend Web Developer.

Goal of Course

By the end of this course you will: 1. Learn to create amazing websites using HTML5 and CSS3. 2. Learn to use the Bootstrap framework, which helps to build mobile-friendly fully-responsive websites. 3. Learn to make a fully-functional website from scratch 4. Decode two LIVE websites and understand how things actually work

Mission 1 : Setting things up

Mission 2 : Getting the layout into place

Mission 3 : Getting familiar with HTML5 elements

Mission 4 : Adding content to our layout

Mission 5 : All about Styling

Bonus Mission : Things you will thank me later for