Break Away: GMAT Verbal - Critical Reasoning



The Critical Reasoning questions on the GMAT are all about precision of thought - an attribute that can easily be learned. The hardest part about this question type is that most practice material out there does not 'sound' right. That's where this course scores: 150 questions with the real 'GMAT' feel, just the right turn of phrase, and the right tricks to mimic the real thing. Critical Reasoning questions are applied common sense, and so are not easy to 'game'. If you are thinking straight, you will nail them. If you aren't, you are sunk. This course will make sure you are never sunk. You'll be nailing these questions in your sleep by the time you get through 15 hours of grueling practice.


What's covered: 150 high-quality Critical reasoning problems, with the real GMAT feel. 15 hours of step-by-step reasoning, so you can learn to think like the test-setters Visual highlights so that you really get why alternatives are right or wrong. Who is the target audience? Yep! Anyone preparing to take the GMAT Yep! Non-native speakers looking to level the playing field in the verbal section Yep! Anyone that finds grammar jargon incredibly confusing, and would like simple, crisp explanations in everyday language

Goal of Course

Ace the Critical reasoning questions on the GMAT!. Identify the common types of Critical reasoning questions on the GMAT, and know what techniques to apply. Know how to spot sentences that sound right but are actually wrong, or that sound wrong, but are actually right.

You, This Course, and Us

Section 1: Question 1 to 10

Section 2: Question 11 to 20

Section 3: Question 21 to 30

Section 4: Question 31 to 40

Section 5: Question 41 to 50

Section 6: Question 51 to 60

Section 7: Question 61 to 70

Section 8: Question 71 to 80

Section 9: Question 81 to 90

Section 10: Question 91 to 100

Section 11: Question 101 to 110

Section 12: Question 111 to 120

Section 13: Question 121 to 130

Section 14: Question 131 to 140

Section 15: Question 141 to 150